Monday, 12 February 2018

How to make your Laundry Business VAT enabled - UAE

The business environment in the United Arab Emirates has recently undergone a huge transformation.
With the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) from the very starting of 2018, most of the business
owners had to bring some changes into their style of working. We are here to make your journey through
VAT smoother.

Here is everything you need to know to implement VAT in your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business.

  • Is it necessary for you to implement VAT?
First off you would have to determine if your business falls under the compulsory VAT registration category or not.
A business must register for VAT if their taxable supplies and imports exceed the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000. Although if your business does not fall into the above category but if your taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 187,500, you may voluntarily choose to register under VAT. But it is not necessary.
  • VAT registration
If you do have to register for VAT, you can easily do so by logging on to the FTA’s website.
  • Computation of VAT

From 1st Jan 2018, businesses will start charging VAT from you on every input you purchase for your business. Be it machines, chemicals or other small inputs. Alternatively, you may collect VAT (5%) on the Laundry or Dry Cleaning service from your customers.

If the amount of tax that you collect is more than the amount that you pay in tax, then you have to pay the balance to the government. Although if the amount of tax that you pay is more than what you collect, then you may claim the difference amount from the FTA.

  • VAT payment
    The tax returns have to be filed on the 28th of every month. The return would have to filed online by filling up a form provided by the Federal Tax Authority

Now that you know everything, how are you planning on to take on this humongous task over and above what you already do? 

Don’t worry, Quick Dry Cleaning Software is all set to make your Laundry Business VAT enabled. 

With our VAT compliant automated Accounting, Reporting and Invoicing, making your dry cleaning business and laundry business VAT ready would be no problem at all.
  •      Print VAT enabled invoices in Arabic
  •      Take out monthly VAT compliant reports to make VAT filing a breeze
  •      Automatic computation of VAT makes it super easy for you to become VAT compliant.      

          Here at Quick Dry Cleaning Software, the success of our customers is of the utmost importance
         for us and all our efforts go into making your lives easier by automating your business processes.
         Do you want to make your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business VAT enabled?

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Monday, 16 October 2017

How to advance your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business

With QDC On-demand

Hello, again!

We are so glad you are back with us on our journey towards learning On Demand Business model.

This time, we bring a blog which has two clear objectives: introducing the on-demand and a case study of how useful on-demand becomes for a regular dry cleaner or laundry business owner.

To begin with, let’s do a recap. What is on-demand and how is it useful for your laundry business?

As discussed in the previous blog, On Demand is the new business model created recently to satiate all the needs of the consumers as per their convenience.

So, in a laundry business where traditionally the customer walks in, brings clothes, comes back in later when the clothes are processed and collects them now with on-demand the entire scenario has changed. With reliance on trustworthy technology and a movement towards the new economy, the dry cleaners all over the world are now realizing the importance of On demand dry cleaning business software.

From automatic billing, garment tracking, barcode tagging to a perfect delivery pick-up mechanism, with On Demand tools, your dry cleaning business can become simplistic and more successful.

Still sounds a little unbelievable?

Let us take you to Mr. Mathews.

Mr. Mathews lives in Napa County, California and has been successfully running his dry cleaning business for the past ten years. As a traditional business owner, his business was positively smooth until recently.

With the current shift in the economy, where everyone desires maximum comfort and instant gratification of their needs, Mr. Mathews was struggling in competing with threats of other on-demand business models around him. He could witness his customers swaying from him towards other dry cleaning services which offered the convenience of choosing service, time and date according to them.

Mr. Mathews realized that his customers are looking for the convenience of choosing when to order, what to order, at what price and location. With this, he also envisioned that if only he could find a way to expand his business and offer excellent services, then he’d ace in the laundry business.

Luckily enough, QDC On Demand model was created for laundry business owners like Mr. Mathews. We understood the paradigm shift in the business as well as consumer behaviour and were cognizant of coming up with a mechanism which would address the current needs of dry cleaning business as well as your customers.

Now, fast-forward to the point where Mr. Mathews has adopted QDC On Demand.

With the three means of QDC On Demand business plan, here’s how Mr. Mathews business picture looks like now.

QDC Software (Store module): No more bill bookkeeping as everything is recorded and updated automatically in the software. Automatic barcode generated tag, garment tracking enabled, fewer cases of garment loss or pilferage, satisfied customers, better work-life balance as with a cloud-based software program, the business can be handled from anywhere at any time.

Wait, there's more!

With QDC Customer App: Forget about geographical barriers. With a white-labelled application of your own dry cleaning store, now your customers can reach out to you from far off.

With QDC On demand mobile application, you can add a new sales channel and expand your business via a smartphone application.

This provides a convenient option for you and your customers. Now, you no longer have to take orders from phone calls and waste your time throughout the day. The app works for you 24x7 and can generate orders, schedule pickup and delivery times and send notifications all round the clock for you.

Remember the old days where customers forget or misplace the order receipt and then you had to check entire store for correct order? Gone are those days! With QDC Customer App, everything from receipts to digital payments, to order placements to scheduling deliveries is done comfortably and efficiently on the mobile phone.

Hence, a quality and convenient service for you as well as your customers. That’s what exactly the dry cleaning business required.

Adopt On Demand dry cleaning and laundry business and be the leader. Bring innovation to the market, be ahead of your competition and show your customers who the really cares about their experience thus ensuring customer loyalty.

So now, are you ready to become the new Mr. Mathews in your area? Are you looking forward to the business expansion and taking your laundry business to new heights? Here’s your chance.

Click here NOW and we will help you be the market leader of dry cleaning and laundry business!
Sunday, 10 September 2017

Why Garment Tagging? Tag along for a smooth Dry Cleaning Business

Say hello to Mr. Levine in the image above. Doesn’t he look annoyed and confused? When asked what’s wrong, he told us about how he spends hours daily manually tagging his loads of laundry. Even then there are times when tags go missing or are wrongly attached leading to utter chaos. But why bother tagging heaps of clothes?

Well, every dry cleaner and laundry business owner understands the importance of tagging. Tags are necessary for:
  • Identification of ownership
  • Reminder of service to be performed
  • Help in sorting garments according to priority of due dates

Well, if that’s how crucial tagging is, then what bothers Mr. Levine?

The plight of many dry cleaners and laundry business owners is the problem of manual tagging. Not only is this process time consuming (every item is picked, a slip is made, necessary information is written and then tagged), but this method is prone to human error as well. The worker might miss a cloth, miss to write vital information on the tag or even the tag itself can go missing. In such cases, the reliability is reduced which later leads to confusion, loss of clothes, wrong deliveries and customer dissatisfaction. The dry cleaner has to bear the brunt and pay compensations.

All in all, a little tag creates such nuisance and shakes up the brand value of your business.

Are you wondering if there’s a way out of it? Well, there definitely is.

Taking into consideration the perplexity of the dry cleaners and laundry business owners, QDC came up with a simplified and automated version of tagging. With a simple key press, the barcodes are automatically generated, and with a simple beep on the scanner, each and every tagged cloth is registered in the system. Now tag each cloth with this electronic tag which already has the vital information required for sorting it. The tags have information of Order number, Due Date and Service to be performed.

No Abracadabra, just technology simplifying your business!

Automated barcode tagging saves time and is safe from human error. Along with this, the QDC software enables garment tracking which in turn makes stock reconciliation easier and eliminates wrong deliveries.

With this said, barcode tagging will lead to:
  • Zero wrong deliveries
  • Zero compensations
  • Happy customers
  • Employee motivation
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved branding

Wasn’t that all you wished to achieve? So, with automated barcode tagging, we have sorted Mr. Levine’s problem.

How automated tagging works:

Now, neither Mr. Levine nor you have to worry over tagging and keeping track of clothes. Just as the new customer walks in, enter their order and garment details only once in the QDC software which prints out the tags with the barcode. Attach the barcode tags with clothes which already have all necessary information and start the processing. Minimize your efforts but maximize your productivity and profits with QDC Software barcode tagging.

If you are ready to embrace this easy yet a must-have tool, then click here for a Free Trial. And for more dry cleaning and laundry business issues and solutions, visit us here. Let’s tag out the errors out of our business together!
Monday, 24 July 2017

Dry Cleaning Business – One Step Ahead

With the majority of blogs on the website focusing on how to enrich your career of dry cleaning and laundry business using the point of sale for dry cleaners software, this blog will concentrate on explaining what POS stands for and why QDC Dry Cleaning POS Software is one step ahead of POS.

When it comes to POS, it does lend a helping hand to the business owner by making a compact and reliable summary of transactions and order details. But to enhance the customer experience and add more value to the features offered, what our point of sale for dry cleaners software does is exceptional.

To explain it briefly, we can acclaim that our software for dry cleaners is not just a brilliant opportunity for every laundry/ dry cleaning business owner to bring their business to the new level but this software is also the need of the hour.

The QDC software for dry cleaners enables you to retain your customers, engage more customers and also to maintain your work-life balance by participating in the fast advancing era of applications and cloud computing. The Dry Cleaning POS Software is capable to:
  • Manage Customer Information and Customer Communication: making the experience more pleasant and reliable
  • Generate automated barcode enabled tags: enacting the Garment Tracking Mechanism
  • Business Analytics to manage decision making: survey and improvise on your compared performance

These are few of the many value added features of this software for dry cleaners. Our point of sale for dry cleaners software, therefore, is an uncomplicated way for you to take in orders, keep updated records, and customizes orders according to your needs as well as the needs of your customers.

Our cloud-based Dry Cleaning POS Software is much more capable than general POS software and allows the user to keep a check on the business whether one is present at the shop physically or is at home. The complete software is easy to follow and gives you a proper insight to update on your Order Reports, Due Dates, Current Status of Orders and Due Payment. And hence, necessary for you to take your business to the next level.
Friday, 7 July 2017

Why do you need a Mobile Application for your Laundry Business?

We are living in the generation of technological frenzy. Everything today is available through several taps and clicks over your smartphone screens. Interestingly, some statistics indicate that around 63% of millennials (that’s the under the 30s) preferred to buy products from within a mobile app than through any other platform and around 21% of them would be put off from purchasing products from a business that provided a poor app experience. That makes it inevitable for you to have a Mobile Application for laundry business for more efficient results and to enhance customer experience.

QDC offers an ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application which is a customer oriented application for smartphones. Easily available on the Google Playstore, this is a specially and wisely designed Mobile Application for laundry business. After hearing about numerous issues of the dry cleaners and laundry business owners about how they are not able to maintain good communication with their customers and how they are bounded by the geographical barriers, this application was shaped up to offer a viable solution to these problems.

To avoid miscommunication and to benefit the owner of the dry cleaning or laundry business as well as the customers, this application has certain useful features.

What’s in the ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application for you?
  • Helps you communicate with your customer and hence solve their queries
  • Enables you to customize the entire application as per your needs
  • Makes pickup and dropoff convenient, fast and traceable
  • Allows you to fix and set the date and time of deliveries according to your serviceability
  • Becomes a medium to push offers and discounts for your customers
  • Option to set the price list and vary them

What’s in the ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application for your customers?
  • Better communication hence more trust and reliability
  • Smart notifications via email and SMS for Pickups and Dropoffs
  • Enables the customer to review and check his or her order
  • Provides a secure payment gateway hence cashless and easy
  • Medium for them to express their grievances and give feedback

These are just some of the cool features which make this Mobile Application for laundry business such a hit and a necessity for your business. It’s a simple white labelled app provided by QDC software which you can customize and modify according to your needs and create a mobile application of your own. That will make your services more reliable, convenient for the users as well as popular among the millennials.

By gone are the times when customers would bother the business owners with their demands and requests for extra fast delivery and offers. Now, all they have to do is login to this app, view your available time and date and then schedule a pick-up or drop-off which is favourable for both the parties. Therefore, using an ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application which in itself is a complete package is a sure shot to boost your customer experience and sales and you must use this Mobile Application for laundry business.
Monday, 5 June 2017

From Just A Laundry Business to Much More - Quick Dry Cleaning Software

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."
- James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney

Growth means different things to different people. For some it might mean more money, for others, it might be learning new skills. Growth is an integral part of every business. Same goes for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry. But numerous Operational Challenges present themselves owing to dependence upon the manual style of Business Management. Problems like Manual Billing, Garment Loss, and Intensive Accounting consume the time and effort of a businessman which otherwise can be used for Growing his Laundry Business.

Quick Dry Cleaning Software (QDC) can solve all your operational problems. It is a simple tool that can help you streamline all the processes in your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business. It also empowers you to take Sound Business Decisions by providing you an array of factual data of your business so that decisions are not based on intuition but solid numbers.

Apart from being a Laundry POS Software the QDC Software is just as well equipped with operating any business of the similar nature like Shoe Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Ironing etc. Its unique end to end technology solution helps you enable your customers with services like scheduled pickup, tracking of orders, offer discounts and service packages customized to suit your clients, have them share their feedbacks and much more.

Here are a few ways in which QDC can help scale your business to newer heights:

1) Time Efficient
One of the most common reasons for not thinking of increasing one's business graph, particularly in the laundry business, is the shortage of time. This application once installed prepares your customer and service database in an elaborate and efficient manner. Providing you with customized and detailed data on each of your customers and their invoices. Much of your clerical work and working hours are cut down to almost half your usual time. This can be helpful for you to concentrate on strategic things and leverage your time in growing your business.

2) Accounts Management
With integrated Laundry and Dry Cleaning Accounting Software, the orders generation and maintaining invoices becomes extremely easy helping you to take on more work easily without the troubles of keeping tabs of numerous bill books. Dry cleaners have reported having saved upto 700 hours within a year using QDC.

3) Highly Customizable
The product we have today is the result of inputs from over 2000 Dry Cleaners across the globe. QDC software is the most customizable Laundry and Dry Cleaning Software available in the market. You can customize almost anything from Receipts & Garment Tags to Garment types and Price Lists. These customizations have been integrated into the software to suit the needs of different Dry Cleaners and Launderers around the Globe.

4) Daily Work Load Graphs
The QDC Software makes it easier for you to manage your Daily Workload with the help of analytics which can help you in keeping a track of day-to-day working of your business and also assess how your new services are being received, thereby enabling you to make business decisions based on solid numbers.

5) Remote Monitoring System
It can be very tedious for a businessman to physically be in his store all the time. Simply relying on your employees for the inputs will not be sufficient or advisable in the long run. QDC is a Cloud based Laundry Management Software that gives you full access to all the database of your store or multiple stores, right at your fingertips. From the number of invoices punched in a particular business day to the amount of cash collected by your cashier. This way you can manage the stores from anywhere through any device like your personal laptop or a mobile phone.

6) Training and Set Up
Another advantage of installing Quick Dry Cleaning Software is that you get free set-up, training, and hardware training assistance. Which means you do not have to be a computer genius to use this software! It is extremely user-friendly and can be understood in no time. Plus you get access to all future updates free of cost.

With the above mentioned and many more features of high-end technology, business autonomy, and smart analytics to enhance your business, this software is a must-have for all those looking to scale up their Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business.

If you’re concerned about the growth of your business and want to Double your Dry Cleaning business, Start Free Trial of QDC Software and take your business to new heights!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

How Dry Cleaning App can make the laundry business rise high

An idea can reinvent the way the things are done. The dry cleaning software has already changed how the laundry industry works. To add to the ease the quick dry cleaning app has been introduced. 

The dry cleaning software helps the dry cleaners to provide an excellent service to all the customers. With the advancement of technology, there are many software available in the market that acts as a landmark instrument for speeding up their work and aiming at proficiency. Internet based dry cleaning software is highly result oriented with its unique features like tagging, coding, order and customer management and the new dry cleaning app help to process orders more speedily. 

The app also has some exclusive features inbuilt for account payable, account payable, laundry POS software and it performs many different tasks. The dry cleaning app by the Quick Dry Cleaning Software team has a user-friendly interface with a strong support system. The business owners get help with this software as it helps them in booking and delivering the laundry garments in bulk, making new customer login easily. 

At an age when people find no time to visit the dry cleaning shops, dry cleaning software application will ease the lives of customers as well as shop owners. The dry cleaners pickup boys can process an order in a much efficient way with this app. Creating “New customers” with this app is a great way in which dry cleaners may create more orders, and provide efficient service by sending the SMS or emails / print tickets. With the help of the app, the customer may easily track garments and order from the onset and help in reducing any kind of pilferage. 

All the dry cleaners can manage their business cycle from the very beginning to the end with this user friendly application. The only requirement for installation of the app is that runs on Android 4.0 or above and its size is about 525k. The innovation of the cloud based laundry software has eased out the lives of the dry cleaners and the laundry owners. The owners can manage their work by sitting at any place of the world. 

The software keeps a check on the proceedings of the day and assessing the performance of all the employees. Owners may take some important decisions about your employees with the help of this software. The Client server work model is used for running this software. The dry cleaning software has enabled the business owners to manage their business without being physically present also. It helps them to analyse the progress of business and check employee’s performance by keeping an eye on the delivery report with the help of this internet based software. So, try the new dry cleaning app by easy download from your smart device!!