Friday, 7 July 2017

Why do you need a Mobile Application for your Laundry Business?

We are living in the generation of technological frenzy. Everything today is available through several taps and clicks over your smartphone screens. Interestingly, some statistics indicate that around 63% of millennials (that’s the under the 30s) preferred to buy products from within a mobile app than through any other platform and around 21% of them would be put off from purchasing products from a business that provided a poor app experience. That makes it inevitable for you to have a Mobile Application for laundry business for more efficient results and to enhance customer experience.

QDC offers an ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application which is a customer oriented application for smartphones. Easily available on the Google Playstore, this is a specially and wisely designed Mobile Application for laundry business. After hearing about numerous issues of the dry cleaners and laundry business owners about how they are not able to maintain good communication with their customers and how they are bounded by the geographical barriers, this application was shaped up to offer a viable solution to these problems.

To avoid miscommunication and to benefit the owner of the dry cleaning or laundry business as well as the customers, this application has certain useful features.

What’s in the ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application for you?
  • Helps you communicate with your customer and hence solve their queries
  • Enables you to customize the entire application as per your needs
  • Makes pickup and dropoff convenient, fast and traceable
  • Allows you to fix and set the date and time of deliveries according to your serviceability
  • Becomes a medium to push offers and discounts for your customers
  • Option to set the price list and vary them

What’s in the ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application for your customers?
  • Better communication hence more trust and reliability
  • Smart notifications via email and SMS for Pickups and Dropoffs
  • Enables the customer to review and check his or her order
  • Provides a secure payment gateway hence cashless and easy
  • Medium for them to express their grievances and give feedback

These are just some of the cool features which make this Mobile Application for laundry business such a hit and a necessity for your business. It’s a simple white labelled app provided by QDC software which you can customize and modify according to your needs and create a mobile application of your own. That will make your services more reliable, convenient for the users as well as popular among the millennials.

By gone are the times when customers would bother the business owners with their demands and requests for extra fast delivery and offers. Now, all they have to do is login to this app, view your available time and date and then schedule a pick-up or drop-off which is favourable for both the parties. Therefore, using an ON Demand Dry Cleaning Application which in itself is a complete package is a sure shot to boost your customer experience and sales and you must use this Mobile Application for laundry business.

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