Friday, 15 May 2015

How Quick Dry Cleaning Software can provide boom to your laundry business

In order to make your laundry business money-spinning it is compulsorily indispensable to be the best in this business. In today competitive world what kind of software and technology you choose can make a huge difference in your success. With the advancement of technology, Quick dry cleaning software has modified the operational efficacy of almost every dry cleaner across the globe. It is one of the optimal software that can change the complete working process of the entire dry cleaning industry. It is much more than any typical POS software as it automates business management process for laundry business.

It is the most preferred cloud-based software solution for dry cleaning business as it is the fastest, comprehensive, easy, inclusive and sharp software presented nowadays for laundry business. Dry cleaners can now easily manage their customer information, tracking of garments, delivery, billing, and accounting and reporting. Immaculately suited for a single store or complete chain of stores, this Android application will help your customers to get the correct status of their dry cleaning orders. It indicates that a customer will never return from your store after hearing that his order is not ready yet. This software gives you an opportunity to improve your customers experience and transform yourself into a better service provider. This software installed on a web server can be accessed by an active internet connection.

Some of the salient features of this software are below mentioned:

  • Track every garment all through the workflow
  • SMS communications
  • Reduce waste and increase your profit
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Automated billing
  • Ultimate time-saving
  • Utmost customer satisfaction
  • 100% fraud evasion

Quick dry cleaning software ideally suits for all stores dealing with home pick-ups and drops as well as walk-in customers. This software is outstanding for printing receipts at a rate par distinction and simplicity beyond vision. It can assist you in accomplishing fantastic goals that you always imagine in running your dry cleaning business.  It is beyond doubt a time-saving gear and work competence enhancer as the abundant features integrated help by accelerating the complete unit managing course. It guarantees 100% sales calculation within half a minute with no inappropriateness. This software is an appositesolution for overall business management of your dry cleaning store process in accelerated and competent manner.


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